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Join Dr. Frank Illuzzi (CityMD) and Dr. Bruce Oran (Senior Attending at NYU Langone and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine) as they discuss various career path options after working in the Emergency Department. Dr. Oran shares his experiences from his 30 plus years practicing in emergency medicine, urgent care, and telemedicine.   

Dr. Oran started his career as a physician in the emergency department and worked in urgent care when it was in its infancy. He moved to corporate medicine, working at Goldman Sachs, and helped develop in-house Urgent Care Centers within the company. Dr. Oran served as Chief of Emergency Medicine at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center; and, at NYU, he works clinically in the emergency department, Observation Unit, Urgent Care centers, and their Virtual Urgent Care. 

This FREE 30 minute video podcast is Part 1 of 2 in this non-CME series.

MC Video Podcast Series: A Journey From Emergency Medicine to Telemedicine

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Xray series is so helpful!

juliane everest

good presentation and especially indicators of PE's

Esther Klinger



Great insight

jill DeRosa

great podcast.

crystal jackson

Great reinforcement of "what not to miss".

John F Meyer

Great course

Brittany Lander

Great Overview

Carley Dykstra

Enjoyed this presentation and clinical pearls

Enjoyed this presentation and clinical pearls

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Katrina Hanscom

I work in urgent care and this was an excellent review for me!

sara cocke

good presentation, encourages more thorough evaluation of EKG's

Esther Klinger

Urgent care excellent

Dana Veatch

High quality

High quality

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