Some Recommendations for Continuing Medical Education Training Needs*

Suture Practice Kit by Medical Creations

 A COMPLETE SUTURE PRACTICE KIT - Unlike the other comparable products, it comes with everything you need to practice your suturing techniques. This suturing practice kit includes all the essential suture tools in one package: 3 layer tissue pad, hegar needle holder, Adson forceps, suture scissors, scalpel blades, suture thread (18-pack). Tools are conveniently organized and stored in a carry case. Learn more

Minor Emergencies: Expert Consult 

Minor Emergencies gives you the practical how-tos you need to handle a wide range of non-life-threatening medical crises with speed and expertise. Completely updated with the latest equipment, devices, dosages, and techniques, this compact and portable medical reference book delivers fast, efficient guidance just when you need it. With Minor Emergencies on hand, you'll always be prepared! Learn more

Urgent Care Dermatology: Symptom-Based Diagnosis  

Urgent Care Dermatology: Symptom-Based Diagnosis, by Drs. James E. Fitzpatrick, Whitney A. High, and Lamar Kyle, helps you quickly identify skin conditions and provide necessary treatment at the point of care. Concise, to-the-point text is highlighted by more than 1,000 high-quality photographs – all conveniently organized by lesion appearance – making this resource ideal for first-line clinicians to quickly identify and treat dermatologic conditions. Learn more

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